How Tinubu met with the old woman who held midnight prayers for him to get APC ticket (Video)

According to a story shared by people close to the Alhaja, Tinubu sent a private jet to Ilorin to fly the aged woman to Abuja.

Dr Sidiq Uthman Okanlawon Kadara, a family member of the Alhaja was quoted to have explained that Alhaja’s full name is Alhaja Shifāu Ayinla Afuku Ejide Alanamu. She is the first child and daughter of Late Imām Abubakr Sidiq Kàdàrà, popularly known as Imām Kàdàrà in Oyingbo, Ebute-Metta, Lagos.

He explained that contrary to many stories circulating online, Tinubu did not visit Mama in Ilorin. 

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