“25 years in Nigeria vs 5 months outside Nigeria” – Man in Dubai shares throwback picture, spark reactions

The post has generated mixed reactions while some wished they have the same opportunity just like him so that they can leave Nigeria, others demanded for change as they urged one another to get a PVC. See reactions below;

@Ify_kingsley: This are the reason why we need to get our PVC , let’s save this country from crashing, by the way dollar is #600 now.

@iam_onoja: Life no balance at all 🤣😂.

@Emmaxanchez: 25 years in Nigeria is all part of the process to get you your present destination don’t forget your roots and identity

@neceojezboy: Nobody wey no fit make am.

@KevinSt679: That’s what we mean by “We’re Outside”.

@JarOfsilver: What y’all don’t realise is that even if he took the picture outside in Nigeria with same attire, the picture wouldn’t be nice because of how the environment looks. In Nig, you work hard but can’t live in nice area/place. Outside Nig, you work hard & can afford a nice place.

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