Fulani men have brought more pain to us than good – singer Harrysong

See reactions Harrysong’s post generated among netizens below;

officialpeaceisrael:  Division us the Solution 🔥🔥🔥😢😢.

papi_demillie:  Having guns will only add to the problem cos we don’t even have a database of our citizens and also mental background is porous. Guns in the hands of civilians will result into chaos. Let’s start holding our public office holders responsible from the local level.

closetfigure:  I am ready bro! Seeing those children made me become fearless! I am ready to carry licensed pushapusha.

ekpere_bar:  I must have gun in my house if i comes back. I swear down. How much be gun self. 500k will get a better onw

youngdada85:  Boss you’re so right let’s get our pvc and get ready for election.

aboloje_official: It’s time to fight back, we can’t continue like this while they go to our churches to slaughter us

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