“If you want to get married, don’t date your age mates” – Nigerian woman advises single ladies (Video)

adedeji_omooba1 said, “People will say she’s spewing rubbish but the facts are so huge with big volume to understand the better point in her explanation…. pick the best you want out of her advice … ire oooo”.

anthony_west_x said, “Please shut up your gutter you call mouth Ewu😒”.

black_marni said, “Abeg shut up… don’t we have 25 & 26 year old males that are ready to settle down already? And older ones who aren’t even financially stable yet to talk more of even settling down.. always think before you come to this social media and open your mouth waaaaaaaa😏😒”.

okorojuniort said, “In other words ,she means don’t date broke guys 👏”.

yrnslatt_ex said, “Guys also don’t want to date younger girls🧌”.

theanjolaoluwa said, “Well that’s for 25, 26 year old guys that are not planning to settle down”.

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