“Big backside doesn’t keep a man, be just the way you are” – Actress, Anita Joseph advises ladies that go through BBL

The thespian however concluded that she blamed men for the surge at which ladies goes through the knives for their backside enhancement as she noted that a huge percentage of men preferred lady with big backside to that of small backside.

Anita Joseph wrote; “Must everybody have big Bum, Men cause some of this problems, Because a lot of men want big bum big bum They want Yansh yansh Yansh, Mpu na aruru ala”

She added; “Don’t cause unnecessary complications for yourself because you want big yansh to what end thou JUST SO YOU KNOW BIG BUMBUM CAN NOT KEEP A MAN kpichicom.  BE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE AFTER ALL LADIES WITH SMALL BUM ARE STILL WINNING THE LAST TIME I CHECKD ” SHALLOM!!.” See screenshots of her post below;

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